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5 Year Old Twins to Teach 800 Students About Diabetes

In response to the growing Childhood Diabetes epidemic, the staff at Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy challenged their karate students in Cary to step up in the name of Diabetes prevention by developing presentations that could be used to educate children on the disease.

Black Belt student, Renuka accepted the challenge and developed a very nice Powerpoint presentation. Her goal is to teach 1,000 people about the disease so that they can be better informed.

Willow and River, 5 year old twins and mutual students of Johnson's Tae Kwon Do and A.B. Combs Elementary School are teaming up with Renuka. They plan to teach the presentation to an assembly of 800 students at A.B. Combs.

You can see the video from our Leadership Hour here where the twins chose to participate in the Diabetes project.

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