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Cary Martial Arts Student Gives Back Through SAT Class

Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy

A Life-Skills and Leadership Academy Dedicated to Excellence in Martial Arts

You all probably know that Tejas conducted an SAT Clinic for students here at the academy over the

past few months. He did this because of his understanding of what a black belt means and SHOULD mean

in society. Let's face it. You probably know of people that do not represent the black belt in all of its forms in our

communities. This is because other instructors are not like those at Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy. You all are very fortunate to have mentors/instructors

that truly care about your progress and growth in the martial arts and as people.

With that said, Tejas' project was a huge success.

He held weekly SAT Clinics for students wishing to perform better on their SAT Tests. He was a mentor to them and

showed admirable leadership for someone of his youth. Most teenagers would not be teaching other kids math on

Friday nights. However, as you already know, Tejas is not like other teenagers. He is a Johnson's black belt.

Today, I sent off $95 dollars to the St. Baldrick's Foundation on behalf of Tejas and Johnson's TaeKWonDo. This is a

perfect example of how contribution can be made in any form-even to a charity where most money is raised by

shaving hair.

I encourage all of you to use this project as an example of what we are looking for out of each of you.

Your black belt should be your Eagle Scout when it comes to your community involvement! It is no different.

Way to go Tejas Sundaresan, Current Black Belt-Future Master!

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