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Elements of TaeKwonDo

“Describe the 4 Elements of Ho-Am TaeKwonDo.” The Elements of Ho-Am Taekwondo are Essence, Philosophy, Mission and Journey. These four elements create a solid structure which we use to deliver a consistent message. The individual parts of the four elements compliment, and are in alignment with each other. Together they provide a framework for teaching, training and living a fulfilled life. Ho-Am Essence is the style in which we use and teach our techniques, allowing our Taekwondo to be unique. Ho-Am Philosophy is our basic set of beliefs that we strive to follow to maintain the integrity of our art. Ho-Am Mission is what we hope to achieve through consistent focus. And Ho-Am Journey is an individual focus on the progression from beginner to varying degrees of the accomplished artist. This mission commissions all Taekwondo students to further develop themselves and to always reach for new levels of perfection. TRAINING: In training, Essence provides the guidance to enhance the artistic style. This gives me the tools to constantly improve upon what I have already learned. Essence keeps me wanting to learn more. TEACHING: In teaching, all the elements are candidates for discussion. The opportunity to provide a Ho-Am message during each class allows for the spreading of this knowledge to other students. Empowering the students with this knowledge will help them on their life and Taekwondo journey as well. LIFE: In life, the Ho-Am Philosophy, Mission, and Journey provide a framework for positive balanced life that focuses on my well being as well as those in my community. They help me keep a straight path in sight for living out my life. By Rita Lewitt - Johnson's TaeKwonDo Black Belt

-Tiger Rock TaekwonDo Elements, Ho-am Tae Kwon Do, Martial Arts

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