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Martial Arts Walk

Congratulations to all of the Martial Arts Students who stepped up this past Sunday to teach Self-Escape skills at Wake Med Soccer Park. There was a large crowd that came out-several hundred in fact and a select few of our Johnson's TaeKwonDo students came out to not only teach invaluable personal protection courses, but to walk 5 kilometers for the 'Stop Child Trafficking Now' organization.

Johnson's TaeKwonDo walks to stop child trafficking.

For those of you unfamiliar with this group, they fund operatives that will help to eliminate the crime of child trafficking at the root-the predator. Many of the team members that work for the organization are retired Navy Seals, Special Operatives, FBI agents and the such that have a passion for taking down the evil people that choose to harm children. It was a great event and special thanks to John Casablancas for holding the event. For more information on our Personal Protection Courses through Tom Patire Group or for information on our Ho-Am Taekwondo and Self-Defense Programs.

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