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The fastest man in the world has never run a mile.

What are mankind's limits?

When it comes to the human body, the extent of our capabilities is still unknown. We truly are amazing, and mankind continues to blast through barriers once-held as impassable.

For instance, it was once believed that no human being could run a 4-minute mile. People actually believed that the body would breakdown and that we had reached our limit.

That is until May 6th, 1954 when Roger Bannister from the United Kingdom ran a 3:59.4.

Since 1850, we’ve been able to accurately record a runner’s mile. So, that means for over 100 years, no human being was able to beat the ever elusive 4-minute barrier.

Amazingly, since Bannister set the record, many have accomplished the remarkable feat... including high schoolers.

Usain Bolt

What are you going to be great at?

Someone who is no stranger to Track and Field is Usain Bolt. Known as the fastest human in the world, Bolt is an 8-time gold medalist and holds the world record in both the 100 and 200 metres. He is also the only sprinter to win Olympic 100 m and 200 m titles at three consecutive olympic games.


Yes, Chances are that Usain “Lightning” Bolt hasn’t run as far as most of you. Because after all, isn’t this a prerequisite in many high school gym classes? Just about all of us have to do it.

Seems odd, but the mile really isn’t important to Usain. He focuses on what matters ...on what allows him to shine. Because of this, Bolt is not “well-rounded” and as a result of his determination and this hyper focus, he’s become a legend.

Stay in your lane.

This applies to our everyday lives in that you don’t care that your doctor knows much about geography or if your mechanic appreciates fine art. You want them to be the best in their respective fields, and it is the specialization of skills that brings the greatest reward and that allows us to make the largest impact in our world.

You may never make it to the Olympics, but there are areas in which you excel. My recommendation is to keep exploring, because there is untapped greatness within that will allow you to make your very own mark on the world.

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