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Where Does The Rain Go? A Community Art Project

Jessica Stober has organized a rainwater barrel project to fully benefit the World Wildlife Federation. Are you an artist who would like to serve your community? Are you involved in an art class at school or a community center? Your classmates would probably be thrilled to engage in a worthy martial arts charity such as Where Does The Rain Go and Run For Their Lives 5 k run.

The rainwater barrel project involves the auctioning of rainwater barrels to fully benefit the WWF (World Wildlife Federation). The barrels are given to local art classes and artists so that they can paint beautiful artwork upon them. The barrels are received by local artists ready to be painted-already having been primed and painted with 2 base coats. This project serves as an opportunity for Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy to educate the community on the importance of rainwater barrels in their local community.

If you are interested in painting a rain barrel, contact Jessica Stober, Bryson or Melissa Johnson at Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy at

(919) 469-5555!

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