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My TaeKwonDo Journey

My journey started when my friend Christian brought me to a class. I liked it and decided to sign up. I had started half way through the cycle and Christian was two belts ahead of me. I worked really hard and got enough classes in four weeks to test. I passed that testing. I didn’t catch up to him until red belt. I was thinking of quitting when I had been a brown belt for a long time. I had missed a testing cycle because I was on vacation and I had gotten a no change on the next testing cycle. I was discouraged and I wanted to play with my friends after school instead of taking class. My parents didn’t want to make me go to Taekwondo. Over time I decided that I wanted to continue with Taekwondo, and I would be self motivated. I am so close to my black belt and I really want to be a black belt. I want to be a black belt because then I get to learn more difficult moves and the forms are cooler. I also think that being a black belt is an honor. I will feel proud if I get my black belt and I would like to show it to some of my friends. I really like Taekwondo. It has taught me a lot of self defense that makes me feel safer when I’m by myself. Thank you Mrs. and Mr. Johnson and all the rest of the instructors for teaching me all of this. Stefan Dybka

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