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Not Talking For A Whole Day

When I first when I first heard the idea, I thought it wasn’t going to be hard to just simply shut my mouth for one day. I proceeded to do so and realized that what I had expected was nothing like what I had experienced. Staying mute for one entire day, I realized, was a challenging task which took me multiple tries to finally achieve. I often forgot to keep my mouth shut since I've lived most of my life with the ability to speak and it has become a natural thing. So at times, my mouth would blurt out words before I even got the chance to remember that I wasn't suppose to talk.

There were other factors that prevented me from completing the challenge multiple times. One of them being the fact that others may forget I'm on mute and become impatient when I don't respond. They interpret the lack of response the wrong way and creates an annoying situation you don’t want to be in. This leads them to getting extremely worried thinking that you aren't feeling so well. So they keep bugging you asking you more annoying questions and the process repeats. Another thing that was in my way, was when the people around me couldn’t stand me being so quiet. They began complaining to me that my lack of words was annoying them, which really discouraged me and made me want to give up. But I still did my best to hold back my urge to let out words. One final obstacle I had to overcome was finding the right day. Prior to this challenge my parents scheduled many events or appointments that required me talking. But sometimes they forget to tell me which caused me to fail multiple attempts for the challenge.

Lastly, I was finally successful in keeping my mouth shut for a whole day. Not only did I learn how much of a challenge it was, I also learned a few new lessons. One of them was that we should be thankful that we have to the ability to communicate with others, because I noticed how difficult it was to get things done when people cannot communicate with each other. Another thing I noticed was that for the first time I felt like I could clearly understand what everyone was saying. I was able to listen more to others rather than speaking myself.

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