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Tiger Rock Black Belt Featured in the News and Observer

Tiger Rock black belt, Ryan Brandt was featured in the Raleigh News and Observer this week for his participation in a Community project with two of his school buddies from Salem Middle School. For 10 days, Ryan and his classmates, Ben Davalos and Andrew Fiorentino, collected 14 bags or 122 pounds of recyclables from being thrown out at the Starbucks in Apex, North Carolina! Without a recycling program, the three 14 year olds saw the opportunity to make an impact in their community with their Earth Day Project at the local Starbucks location.

Perfectly epitomizing the Tiger Rock martial arts tenet of Community, Ryan is quoted as saying "For us to collect 120-ish pounds in 10 or 11 days, that's very significant," he said. "What I learned was just the impact that a small number of people can have." Great Job Ryan and Gang!

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