One of your instructors, Mrs. Sharron Scroggin won "Tiger Rock Instructor of the Year" out

Mrs. Sharron Scroggin has been an instructor at Tiger Rock of Cary for over 10 years. She was training and teaching long before the Johnson family took over the school in April of 2006! Sharron is a 4th Degree Black Belt/ Certified TaeKwonDo Trainer and her husband and 2 kids (one in high school; one in college) all received their black belts in Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo. It truly has been a family affair for the Scroggins.

Mrs. Sharron Scroggin is an inspiration to us all. Through physical health issues and so many other time commitments, Sharron has always been there for the Tiger Rock team. We are proud of her having received this accomplishment.

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