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Mayor of Cary Harold Weinbrecht and Tiger Rock Martial Arts

Cary Mayor- Harold Weinbrecht has been a big supporter of the Johnson's program. Weinbrecht attended Johnson's Tiger Rock Martial Arts' Grand Opening of their new location on Davis Drive across from the Middle School. As you may know, Mayor Weinbrecht lists his week's accomplishments in his blog.

The Mayor had this to say about Tiger Rock and the Johnsons,

"My second event on Saturday was the Grand Opening of the new location for Tiger Rock Martial Arts. This is run by the husband and wife team, the Johnsons. In addition to teaching martial arts, they have a strong emphasis on community service. Some of their students have done amazing things in Cary and surrounding areas. To find out more about this great business visit Visit their blog and see all the wonderful things being done in Cary by some of the youngest students."

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