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Education Innovation

I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Glenn Kleiman speak to the Cary Chamber of Commerce Education Committee on Wednesday. Dr. Kleiman is the Executive Director of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State, and he spoke to the group about some of the things that the Friday Institute does as well as what it means to be literate in the Information Age. Considering that the world is changing at a rapid pace, the institute for Educational Innovation serves to advance education through innovation in teaching, learning, and leadership. They study the use of technology in the learning process and also work to improve collaboration among teachers, administrators and faculty in our schools. Innovation is key to sustainability and growth. Whether one sells widgets or teaches martial arts, it is crucial to have the understanding of the way the future will operate. This is why I am so pleased to be part of Tiger Rock-a company that is constantly in motion and that aims to improve the lives of its martial arts students through its martial arts curriculum.

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