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Donate to the Backpack Program at Johnson's Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Cary


What is it?

The backpack program is a program for underprivileged North Chatham Elementary School children. The program provides them with food each weekend so that they don’t go hungry. Every Friday at school, volunteers bring a bag with enough food for that child for the weekend and the teacher passes them out to the children in the program. The goal of the backpack program is to eliminate the hunger of children in the North Chatham school district.

How can you help?

  • Donate gift cards from local grocery stores

  • Write a check to “CORA”

  • Donate non-perishable food items:

  • granola bars

  • pudding cups

  • pasta cups/bowls

  • flavored hot cereal

  • pop tarts

  • single serve, shelf stable milk

There is a box located at Johnson’s Tiger Rock. We’d appreciate your support.

Addison & Zoe

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