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Community Service Project: Road Side Trash cleanup

Community Service Project:

Road Side Trash cleanup Where: at a road that is close to the community I live It was March 17th, 2011 when me, my sister, and dad went for my first TaeKwonDo community service project. We went to cleanup the roadside entry of the community we live in. We drive through it every day, and I thought that I would not find too much trash, but I was wrong. When I looked closer, I saw a ton of trash that people littered. What I found most were cigarette butts, straws, fast food cups, and beverage containers. I even found a bicycle chain and two advertisement signs thrown on the road. In the end, we end up filling the whole large bag of trash that we brought with us.

There is a creek nearby that we had planned to go, but could not go because the soil was too wet from the rain, but I could see lots more trash in there. Next time when the weather is better, we will go there to clean the rest. What I learned from this project is that there are people who do not care to take their trash home and that littering cigarettes is a big problem, even if they are small trashes. Some people do not care to clean where they live or where other people live and that is not what the tenant of caring and helping the community is taught in the Dojang. If everyone would take care of their trash, it would reduce pollution at the streets and also at the rivers because when the rain comes it will carry the trash to the creeks and rivers. I also learned that just a few hours dedicated to help our community can make a big difference.

Felipe Chiavegatto

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