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My Taekwondo Essay by 9 year old student Swaycha Goli

Monday, August 16, 2010 at 9:18PM

My performance of an act of community service was helping my old preschool "primrose" raise money for the primrose foundation. Children’s foundation funds are then used for children and families in need. Every year individual Primrose Schools raise money through "Spring Fling" .It is a fun filled event where teachers , parents and children participate in running games ,silent auctions and selling food.

I had the opportunity to be in charge of one of the games "drop the ball". The game had a ball which had to be dropped on a board with nails on it. There were six spaces at the bottom, before the ball falls the player has to guess the space it would fall into. The nails are obstacles the ball has to travel past. The player won a prize no matter whether they guessed right or wrong.

The lesson was to enjoy the game and have fun as we were raising money for the underprivileged.

The most challenging was to keep the participants interested in the game rather than the prize. Others should take part in such activities because there is a joy in giving your time for a good cause while you are also having fun. It was a lot of fun to help assist my childhood friends coming in to play the game and also my brothers.

I have also spent several hours researching and preparing for another fundraising event close to my heart" Jump Rope For Heart". I realize how important heart health is when my uncle developed a blockage in three vessels of his heart. He had to have a special procedure to open up these blood vessels so his heart could function better and he could breathe better. Even though he is a heart doctor himself and has a healthy lifestyle he developed this problem due to his family history.

My focus is on children who are increasingly getting glued to the T.V sets and indoor activities like video games. This is increasing the risk of childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Also some children are born with special hearts. The American Heart Association(AHA) helps these kids by increasing the awareness of heart disease, nutrition and physical activity in bettering the health of children and also helping correct their heart defects .I would like to help raise up to or more than 2000$ to help this cause along with my friend Alisha Abhakumar.

We plan to increase awareness on nutrition , physical activity(jumping rope) and healthy lifestyle through this as well. We are grateful for the never ending support of our very encouraging TaeK Wondo instructors.

The challenges we have faced with this project is with the website of the AHA being closed for updating after we signed up to raise money on line. They are starting up again in August and we should get back on task soon. Also getting together as a combined effort was a lot of fun with the super skippers and learning tricks from them. That is why I think others should do projects like these because you make great new friends and learn cool new things along the way.I am sure that the leadership hour and the fundraising event to follow will be a lot fun as well as filled with challenges.I look forward to it.

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