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Obesity and Diabetes are on the rise - Martial Arts could help

Diabetes Prevention - Martial Arts

As a progressive martial arts instructor and school owner, I am consistently looking for new ways to spread the values of the martial arts to others. It is important for me to reach as many children and adult karate students as I can so they too can reap the rewarding benefits of a the martial arts lifestyle-as I have for nearly 20 years. Nowadays, children are getting less and less physical activity. P.E. programs are being cut to additional "academic" classes, and society is getting fatter as a whole. The blessing of our electronics devices allows us to automate so many ordinary tasks in our lives. This also makes us lazy. According to a resourceful book that I am reading, Change Your Brain Change Your Body, half of women in the United States have over a 35 inch waist, while half of men have over a 40 inch waist, and according to the American Obesity Association 127 million adults in the U.S. are overweight, 60 million obese, and 9 million severely obese. These numbers are alarming as we are facing a diabetes epidemic in our country.

In Change Your Brain Change Your Body, the author-Dr. Daniel G. Amen focuses on the importance of brain health because it controls all of your body's functions. Your brain controls when you pick up the remote rather than the leash to take your dog for a walk. He also adds that people turn to quick fixes and fad diets whereas they should look within to train on how to modify behavior. You probably know someone who struggles with their weight that has tried numerous diets, pills, and workouts without long-term success. Maybe they lose some weight initially, but because life is so demanding, they revert back to their old habits after a few weeks to a month. I know people who have struggled with this too, and as a martial arts instructor, I have the ability to help those who struggle by providing the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits that come through training in the martial arts.

To tell you the truth, I dream about what Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy's place could be in its community. I am passionate about what I do and love helping others reach their fitness goals. I would welcome any advice on how we can assist in the awareness and prevention of a problem that can not be overlooked-Obesity and its link to diabetes.

--Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy of Cary is a progressive martial arts school that is dedicated to training students to manifest the martial arts philosophy in their daily lives. Conveniently located near Apex and Morrisville, Johnson's TaeKwonDo teaches its students to take their skills out of the dojang and into the world.

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