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Amazement at Amazing Kids in our Martial Arts Program

I am often very suprised-to say the least-when young students approach me to step up for their communities. Mrs. Johnson, the other instrctors and I consistently challenge students to do good for others while taking their skills out of the dojang and putting them to good use in the world. These young martial arts community activists come in every age, shape, and size.

Jessica Stober, though she would not like me calling her a kid, is a 17 year old with a love for animals. Her Cary 5k race and her rainwater barrel project has been a huge undertaking for someone of her age. She not only secured a million dollar insurance policy for the 5k race, but she organized the event and communicated effectively with town officials in order to hold the race at Wake Med Soccer Park. She will also be organizing over 20 employees for the event that day. But, at Johson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy, we do not limit our student's potential by age. We understand their level of potential.

We know that these days many things have gotten watered down. But, our families in our school are looking for deep and meaningful experiences in their martial arts programs. Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy has become very successful, but has stayed true to its principles of martial arts excellence.

Tejas Sundaresan is another young person that has stepped out of his comfort zone to help others in his community. Tejas is a star student and had already aced the math portion of his SAT while in middle school. After challenging the students to take their skills out of the dojang and into the world, Tejas Sundaresan decided that he could assist in his community best by helping others to hone their math and test-taking skills. He will be holdingweekly math clinics at our martial arts school. He is accepting 10 students at a time and will offer the clinics as long as their remains interest.

These are other fine examples of what you should be looking for in a Martial Arts Class. Take a look at our karate class schedule for Cary, NC. I am proud of these students!

It is not too uncommon for certain teens to show leadership skills these days. But, how do you get a young child to do the same. Jackie Stelmack, one of Johnson's yellow belts & a 7 year old student, came up to me regarding a potential project of her own. She decided, if ok with me, to gather the students together for our weekly Leadership Hour and create cards that could go to the residents of a local retirement home, Carolina House. She will be responsible for the management of this age-appropriate project and will contact Carolina House to see if we can have our young students perform for them and give them the cards. What a way to get young people involved.

At Johnson's, you are not only able to achieve rank in Martial Arts but also Leadership. This incentivized approach rewards students for doing good in their communities and for showing and growing their leadership skills. Tell us about your interest in a martial arts program.

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