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Are you a parent, coach or mentor? Do you seek to empower others?

Interacting with and leading hundreds of children on a daily basis, I understand that you can always use another tip or strategy to add to your toolbox; things that will enable you to get the kids with whom you work to higher levels. Certain things will always matter when it comes to having a successful and winning life. Self Control, Integrity, Perseverance and having a strong sense of Community will always be important. Martial Arts is the vehicle that I've chosen to empower the next generation of leaders. Perhaps, you have a different passion. That’s o.k. Whether you’re teaching martial arts, tennis, or chess, you can empower kids through what you do. We have very similar end goals, and this book is in that spirit.

"A master’s role is not only to teach self-defense, but to prepare our young people for successful living." Bryson Johnson

Empowered Kids by Bryson Johnson

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